We received another DOE Environmental System Science Award

Our synthesis project (A Tale of Two Extremes: Temperature Sensitivity of Carbon Loss from Cool and Hot Soils) on soil respiration is funded from DOE ESS program (Total: $400,000). Debjani Sihi and Tana Wood (USDA Forest Service, International Institute of Tropical Forestry) are Principal Investigators. Collaborators include Eric Davidson (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science), Jianqiu Zheng (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Michael Weintraub (University of Toledo), Sasha Reed (U.S. Geological Survey), and Jennifer Pett-Ridge (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). See here for more information: https://ess.science.energy.gov/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/ESS-FY23-FOA-2849-Summary_rev-08-01-2023.pdf