Building Soil Organic Matter through Biochar Amendment: A Climate-Smart Approach to Ensure Food Security

Funding source: University Research Council, Emory University

PI: Debjani Sihi

Total Funding: $29,388

Brief description of the project:
Soil organic matter (SOM) regulates the capacity of soil to provide regulatory ecosystem services. However, measuring changes of SOM effectively warrants taking its differences into account. Current efforts (climate-smart land-management practices) to promote SOM storage miss a key point. An improved understanding of how different SOM fractions (particulate organic matter, POM and mineral-associated organic matter, MAOM) work and how land management practices change their relative distribution is of paramount importance to meet the two most pressing problems facing our planet: climate change and food security. We are evaluating the dynamics of POM and MAOM under biochar amendment. We chose biochar because this is a climate-smart approach, which holds promise for a sustainable food future in nutrient-poor soils of tropics and subtropics. The findings will provide an innovative solution to evaluate the impact of climate-smart land-management practices, which have important policy implications.



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