Courses taught (virtual and in-person)

Fund. Concepts in Soil Sci (ENVS 285)

Download Syllabus for Fund. Concepts in Soil Sci - Spring 2021

Download Course Evaluation-Fund. Concepts in Soil Sci-Sihi

Biogeochemistry and Environmental Health (ENVS 385/585)

Download Syllabus for Biogeochemistry and Env. Health- Fall 2021

Course Evaluation-Biogeochemistry and Env. Health-Sihi

Mentored undergraduate and graduate students for research credits:

Intro to Independent Research (ENVS 399R)

Individual Research in Environmental Sciences (ENVS 494)

Introduction to Research (CHEM 399R)

Undergraduate Research (CHEM 499R)

Laboratory Rotations (PBEE 597R)

Instructor for Summer School:

Flux Course (http://www.fluxcourse.org/instructors.html)