Courses taught (virtual and in-person)

Fund. Concepts in Soil Sci (ENVS 245)

Download Syllabus for Fund. Concepts in Soil Sci - Spring 2021

Environmental Biogeochemistry (ENVS 333/585)

Download Syllabus for Biogeochemistry and Env. Health- Fall 2021

Seminar on Environmenal Issues (ENVS 390)

Mentored undergraduate and graduate students for research credits:

Advanced Graduate Research (IBS 699R)

Laboratory Rotations (PBEE 597R)

Master’s Thesis Research (ENVS 599R)

Honors Research (ENVS 495BW)

Individual Directed Reading (ENVS 498R)

Individual Research in Environmental Sciences (ENVS 494)

Undergraduate Research (CHEM 499R)

Intro to Independent Research (ENVS 399R)

Introduction to Research (CHEM 399R)

Fundamentals of ENVS Research (ENVS 299R)

Served as an instructor for a Summer School:

Flux Course (http://www.fluxcourse.org/instructors.html)